5th Annual EL Support Conference: Growing Success for ELs
Greensboro College

815 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC

This year’s conference will offer fourteen (14) different 3-day courses with participants choosing one to attend for all 3 days. Connections to digital tools and components of the teacher evaluation instrument (NCEES) will be embedded within each course. The conference supports the statewide vision “to build capacity at the local school system/charter level and sustain statewide implementation of research-based strategies to meet the needs of our English learners.”

Teachers of all content areas who work with English Learners are encouraged to attend and explore how honing their skills for working with ELs will not only enhance their classroom instruction, but also how these practices align with the NCEES standards for demonstration of leadership, working with diverse populations, knowledge of content, facilitation of learning, and reflective practices!


Session Information
Please visit bit.ly/NCELs18 for a complete description of the conference courses. As these are offered concurrently, you will be asked to choose only one.

Registration Fee

To celebrate our 5th year anniversary we are offering a special registration rate of $50!

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is Friday, July 20. We encourage you to register early as course capacity is 25 for most offerings.  

Payment Deadline

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice unless you are paying from the 18-19 budget. (Contact Linda Crouch at linda.crouch@dpi.nc.gov if payment needs to come from the 18-19 fiscal budget)

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. A limit may be placed on the number of enrollees from a district based on the total enrollment for the course. Payment must be received by NCDPI by Friday, June 22nd (unless special arrangements have been made with Linda Crouch at linda.crouch@dpi.nc.gov). Unpaid registrations will be canceled and spaces will be opened to the waiting list after July 27th.

Space is limited so register for the 2018 EL Support Conference now!


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