Summer Institute PART I -- Strategies for Teaching ELLs

  • 28 Jul 2014
  • 8:30 AM
  • 29 Jul 2014
  • 3:30 PM
  • DJJ Community Center
  • 41


  • SCDE Professional Development

There will be NO refunds provided for the Conference. Substitutes are suggested if paid participants cannot attend for any reason.
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South Carolina



Day One:

Help! My ELL’s are Struggling and They Can’t Move Up

In this interactive and highly-engaging session, participants will learn how to maximize the components of an ESOL program to create word-class language acceleration classrooms that support the foundational skills students need to read with comprehension and write academically. Whether you are a classroom teacher, coach, or administrator, this session will explicitly connect the best practices of applied grammar instruction, to a set of key language acceleration principles, and an effective program design so that you know how to ensure that the development of language stays at the forefront of instruction. Participants will leave with a list of discrete language skills that should be taught to support the reading and writing skills of students with both minimal and severe language deficits.

Day Two:

It’s Not Rocket Science,

It’s Syntax Surgery!

Would you want a surgeon that couldn’t tell you the difference between a scalpel and a clamp or a podiatrist doesn’t know how many a bones are in your foot? How about an ESOL teacher who can’t explain how each of the eight parts of speech and the twelve basic verb tenses directly impacts a student’s ability to read with comprehension or write academically.  Shhh! If you know “a friend” who teaches, coaches or monitors classrooms in an ESOL program and “they” cannot confidently articulate these concepts or just want to know more, this session is for you. I mean, “Your Friend.” In this session, we will cover the answers to all of these questions and demonstrate two high-powered methods for teaching students to apply English grammar to support their overall literacy. Come on. I Hope you have studied your verbs because it’s time to prep for surgery… Syntax Surgery and Verb Tense Study


Registration begins at 8:30 am

Workshop is from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm


Saluda Shoals, Columbia


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