Board Job Descriptions


Vice President/President-Elect

The President-Elect

1. Attends all Executive and Advisory Board meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. Before becoming President, prepares a calendar of events (including a schedule of Board meetings) for the year that he/she will be President, to be given out either on September 10 when he/she assumes the presidency or at the first Board meeting

3. Represents the affiliate at the TESOL Convention.

4. Serves as the official Affiliate Liaison to TESOL--maintains routine communication with the Director of Field Services at the TESOL Central office. Here are some responsibilities of the liaison officer:

a. Submits the annual affiliate report and pays the affiliate's dues to TESOL on or before TESOL's deadline.

b. Keeps TESOL up-to-date about names and contact information of the elected affiliate officers.

c. Receives affiliate correspondence (except that for the Newsletter Editor) from TESOL Central Office on behalf of the affiliate;

d. disseminates information from TESOL to the appropriate leaders and other interested members of the affiliate as quickly as possible, delegating requests from the TESOL Central office to others on the Executive Board and in the affiliate, when suitable; and ensures that information and requests from TESOL are announced, discussed and acted upon in a timely manner.

5. Chairs Executive/Advisory Board/Annual Business meetings in the absence of the President.

6. Assumes the duties of the President if the office becomes vacant, or at the end of his/her year as President-Elect.

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The President

1. Attends and presides at all Executive and Advisory Board Meetings, as well as at the affiliate annual business meeting (reviews Roberts Rules for protocol).

2. Notifies Board members of meetings.

3. Creates agendas for Board meetings (communicated in advance to people who will be attending). Arranges for space, refreshments, etc. for meetings.

4. Ensures that there is an official CarTESOL representative attending SE Regional Council meetings, both at SE Regional Conferences and at the TESOL Convention.

5. May represent the affiliate at Board meetings of NCAIE, FLANC, SCFLTA, SECOL, NAFSA, and other related professional organizations when appropriate.

6. Attends the TESOL Convention as Affiliate Liaison if the VP/PE is unable to do so.

7. Contributes a President's Letter for each Newsletter during term of office.

8. Makes appointments to fill vacancies on the Executive Board and the Advisory Board (with the advice and consent of the Executive Board)

9. Ensures that a Nominating Committee is appointed shortly after the first meeting after the annual election.

10. Oversees follow-up actions to items decided by the Executive Board.

11. Liaisons with and trains the President-Elect extensively.

12. Handles problems and complaints.

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Past President

The Past President

1. Attends all Executive and Advisory Board meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. Assists the President in duties as requested

3. Oversees the choice and presentation of the Carolina TESOL service award as circumstances warrant

4. Finalizes projects begun during term as President

5. Assume the Role of Nominating Chairperson

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What the Secretary does:

1. Attends Executive/Advisory Board meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. Records the minutes during each meeting. Distributes minutes to Board members within two weeks after each meeting.

3. Compiles minutes of internet discussions. Determines the format of such discussions (such as requiring that any message be limited to discussion of a single topic, which is referenced in the 'subject' line). Determines the format of such minutes (distributed when requested by an elected Executive Board member), which will include records of who participates in discussion of each issue and the decisions reached.

4. Sends copy of minutes to Historian for archival purposes; provides a copy of all minutes since the previous Newsletter deadline to the Editor: uploads a copy of the minutes to the Carolina TESOL Board Yahoo Groups Website in the FILES section; and also keeps a Secretary's file of minutes.

5. Conducts correspondence of the affiliate as assigned.

6. Maintains affiliate calendar. Sends updated information to the Newsletter Editor and to appropriate organizations. Updates the calendar on the Yahoo Board group and Carolina TESOL listserv as changes occur.

7. Maintains copies of CarTESOL officer job descriptions. Posts a copy on the Yahoo Board group when reviewed and approved by the Board annually.

8. Maintains copy of CarTESOL Constitution/Bylaws. Updates the Constitution and Bylaws on the Yahoo Board group and Carolina TESOL listserv as amendments are approved.

9. Submits a proposal for a yearly budget to the Treasurer by December 1 if there are any projected expenses

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What the Treasurer does:

1. Attends all Executive and Advisory Board Meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. Works with Membership Coordinator to ensure a timely deposit of dues received and payment of refunds as needed.

3. Keeps CarTESOL checkbook account in balance with bank statements. Deposits funds in interest-bearing accounts when there is a surplus of funds over current and projected needs.

4. Reimburses Board members, conference Chairs, or others designated by the Board for legitimate expenses when items are submitted to the Treasurer on Expense Report forms.

5. Disburses advances as authorized by the Board. Reconciles advance payments with receipts.

6. Works with conference Chairs to establish a budget and set fees based on previous conferences.

7. Works with conference treasurers to ensure timely deposit of conference fees.

8. Keeps Executive Board aware of the financial position of the affiliate. Carries out decisions and policies of the Executive Board.

9. Maintains a computer file of all CarTESOL expense and income accounts and keeps it up to date. Uses these files to generate financial statements for Board meetings, official conference reports, and year-end expense statements.

10. Keeps a permanent record of each fiscal year, and keeps a backup of the master copy.

11. On Dec. 1 requests budget proposals from any officers/chairs who have not submitted one. Submits a tentative budget to the affiliate in December.

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Membership Coordinator

What the Membership Coordinator does:

1. Attends all Executive and Advisory Board meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. See that the Newsletter immediately before the fall conference includes a notice to the effect that "If you are registering for the conference, your membership will be automatic.  If you are not attending the Fall conference, now is the time to renew." At this time coordinate with the webmaster to get a membership renewal notice on the listserv and the web site. Coordinate with metro reps about e-mailing the people in their areas about their memberships and distributing membership application forms at meetings.

3. Keeps membership records current

4. Provides labels for Newsletter and other mailings

5. Provides membership report for each Board meeting

6. Submits current membership report to Newsletter Editor for winter issue

7. Shortly after each fall conference (or when requested), provides Regional Reps with
a. a list of Metro areas in their regions and
b. a list of the members in each Metro area.

8. Sends a dated membership list to Program Coordinator at TESOL Central Office no later than December 1 to provide data for the Rebate Program.

9. Distributes dated membership list to North Carolina and South Carolina State Department of Education contacts during January or February

10. Sends a dated membership list to Program Coordinator at TESOL Central Office no later than December 1.

11. Maintains files of non-CarTESOL ESL people across the Carolinas as made available (begin bugging Regional Reps for these in early October); also keep current e-mail connections for

a. the Chairs of ESL programs at institutions of higher education (from the Higher Ed Interest Section Chair),

b. community college ESL program heads (from the adult ed. Chair), and

c,  the ESL consultants of the state education departments.

12. Keeps a zip code map of the Carolinas showing the division of CarTESOL into regions and into Metro Areas.15. Submits a proposal for a yearly budget to the Treasurer by December 1 if there are any projected expenses.

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Publication Editor

What the Publication Editor does:

1. Attends all Executive and Advisory Board Meetings.

2. Together with the Webmaster, publishes the Carolina TESOL Newsletter four times a year (January, April, July, October)

3. Coordinates with various persons for submission of articles/information/advertising:

Affiliate Partner Liaison, if any
Carolina TESOL Historian
Conference Coordinator and Conference Chairs
Interest Section Chairs (K-12, Adult Education, Higher Education)
Membership Coordinator
Publishers Liaison
Regional Representatives
Secretary (affiliate calendar, Executive Board minutes)
State Education Departments (ESL, Migrant Education)

4. Submits a proposal for a yearly budget to the Treasurer by December 1 for projected expenses.

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Regional Representatives

What Regional Reps do:

1. Attend all Executive and Advisory Board Meetings and Annual Business Meeting.

2. From the Membership Coordinator, get lists of towns in their areas and lists of all members in each metro area.

3. Ensure that there are Metropolitan Representatives for each major urban area within your region of CarTESOL . Appoint Metro Reps if an area does not have one, or if the current Metro Rep is not performing his/her duties.

4. (1) generally keep in close enough touch with Metro Reps to be sure each is doing his/her/its job.

5. Provide Metro Reps with membership brochures, the metro Rep job description, a list of CarTESOL members in their areas, and Expense Report forms.

6. Encourage periodic activities for the people of each Metro Area. Gather information from each, and prepare a report for each Newsletter.

7. By mid-October, get e-mail lists for each county (from Metro Reps) of the ESL people in public schools and in any community colleges, institutions of higher ed., private schools, and church programs. Forward these when you get them to the Membership Coordinator.

8. Submits a proposal for a yearly budget to the Treasurer by December 1 if there are any projected expenses.

The dividing lines between the eastern and western Regions of SC and NC are up to the Regional Reps. Columbia and the Triad area are more or less on the line between regions and may serve either, at the discretion of the Reps.

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