ACCESS for ELLs Roundtable

January 14, 2021

We held a roundtable on January 14 to discuss possible considerations for administering the ACCESS for ELLs assessment during the age of Covid-19.  While we did discuss many possible scenarios and potential needs, above all else, please remember that you should not feel like you are the lone person responsible for ensuring that the testing environment is safe for you and your students. PLEASE discuss your testing plan with your school- and district-based testing coordinators, principals, counselors, instructional coaches, Title III coordinators, and even school board members and superintendents if need-be. Ensuring the safety of staff and students does not fall on the shoulders of one person and you can't and shouldn't try to do it on your own. ~ Revae Bostwick 

Link to Recording

Passcode:  !MqRn4nQ

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